The reason I don't like "bits"

+5 Bucky Roberts · May 31, 2014
1. Bitcoin is a brand new concept for most people. The majority of people are just recently hearing about it and donâ??t really understand it. I think that it will be very confusing to change the common unit to â??bitsâ?? just as they are starting to grasp the concept of Bitcoin. I am aware that people are often uncomfortable dealing with several decimal places, but I think that one of the most immediate goals should be teaching the general public what Bitcoin is and how it is used first, before worrying about where the decimal place should be.

2. â??Bitsâ?? already means something. It actually means several things:

  • little piece of something

  • drill bits

  • small amount of time

  • computers / binary digits

Changing the unit to bits may be beneficial with those who already use Bitcoin, but for most people it will just add more confusion to the already widely misunderstood concept of Bitcoin.

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+2 Emily Cash · June 1, 2014
Maybe let the user choose which unit they would like to use in their wallet?
0 Eugene Botma · July 22, 2014
Why not just use Satoshi (10^-8 Bitcoin) like a big part of the bitcoin community does? That way everyone feels rich. At this moment i have 1 million Satoshis (0.1 Btc)
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