This is my first screen/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/fab80663f7ae3f70ee66be4830143e70.jpg

When i click on select setting it shows module where i can select city names which contain rate per kilometer/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/22812ff96090c6eeb456861f46e0286a.jpg

click on select it gets me on the first screen. When i click on map button it should show to map with navigated route from current position to destination.
But it shows me only tiles not the map/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/774d060f8e70abc6e1d72afb3f99359c.jpg

Here is my Log Cat file/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/a8d8414c0f599a90aec2ca259daf4802.jpg/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/72a2c38891f99c3f6a97056d662a1aa1.jpg/images/forum/upload/2014-10-28/5e7a8801ff484a0185f5de5bb4a29b7e.jpg
Please help..