Android Library Projects Can Not Be Launched

0 Arnab Banerjee · October 28, 2014
When Ever I try to run as android project according to tutorial 5 , It says Android Library Projects can not be launched.. any solution for this??

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0 Alex Sweps · October 29, 2014
Those tutorials are old. If youv done everything fresh from scratch and your getting that error it is most likely because that. 
0 Arnab Banerjee · October 29, 2014
So from where I can get new tutorials on android application development ??And by the way do I need to learn XML separately or I can learn them while going through this tutorials ??
0 Alex Sweps · October 29, 2014
I found this series very good
0 Arnab Banerjee · October 29, 2014
Thanks mate.. Hopefully it will be more interesting..
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