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0 Ajayi Nurudeen · December 2, 2015
please i cant download these files bucky in oda to follow te videos
0 Preethi Polimera · December 11, 2015

Please I am not able to download this files. Please help me! Thanks
0 Encik Sejati · January 1, 2016
Cannot download the file trying web proxy also  cannot bypass 
0 ATIF MEHMOOD · February 14, 2016
Kindly Upload the Excel Example files as they are no more available to download
0 Akshay Pimpalkar · February 17, 2016
Hey bucky, I can't download any of the file. Please do something.
0 Remmingtone Milambo · February 18, 2016
Hey Bucky I am unable to download the files please make them available
0 Simon Dangol · June 3, 2016
It's Says, Site cannot be reached when i clicked at one of the excel tutorial - Sample files
0 David Horace · August 18, 2016
Anyone manage to source these files? None of the links in the comments or the original post work.



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