+1 Objective - C · October 26, 2014
They seem rather interesting, does anyone here use them? If so, what sorts of things do you do with them?

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+1 Eugene Botma · October 27, 2014
Micro controllers are awesome. I'm not an expert on them and I've only ever used arduino and raspberry pi, so I'm sure there are people here with more knowledge about them than me.

Initially i bought my arduino for a project i called: the pyro system. It's a glove with a built in flamethrower basically. But I was never able to finish the project because life got in the way. I was able to build a small numeric keypad and program a few systems for it. I also built a basic EMG sensor. Oh, and a binary clock.
0 M .A.K · November 2, 2014
I'm on AVR for about three years and yeah! it's amazing, First i blinked an L.E.D with it (think about it like a "HelloWorld!" program but in micro-controllers world).and then i started working with SPI,I2C,USART,... and now i'm thinking about opening my room's door with RFID cards and my phone's Bluetooth... :D

I did some easy stuff with Arduino too. Arduino(which is based on avr except Due) is the best place for beginners but it has some limits for example you can't work with registers directly and generated hex file is bigger in comparison with Winavr or Atmel studio generated hex file and of course Arduino board itself takes space.

With micro-controllers only things which limits your creativity is your imagination and of course your budget :(
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