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+1 HyJax LTD · October 26, 2014
I have seen this on some newer sites.  The background is fixed (no scroll) and can be seen through boxes and items.

My background can only be seen in a few spots.

How do I achieve this?

If you would rather, point to the tutroail(s) that would ass this to my ability.


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0 HyJax LTD · November 2, 2014
Yea... well kind of. But total wrong question on my part.

Thanks again.
+1 Ron Butcher · November 1, 2014
Sorry, re-read your question.  Is opacitywhat you are looking for?
0 HyJax LTD · November 1, 2014
That's what I have.  I thinmk I askedf the wrong question.
+1 Ron Butcher · November 1, 2014
In your CSS file, under the body section add the line:

background-attachment: fixed;

Here is the documentation on the background-attachment attribute.
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