I just got Construct 2, but need help in designing a rather unique educational game and don't know exactly where to begin... The game is called "Dogma".

The player starts out as a young graduate student in one of several fields, physics, medicine... etc and the object of the game is to win the Nobel Prize.  This the player does this by reading and cutting and pasting phrases from other papers to create new papers which are then published in  various "Peer Reviewed Journals". The papers are then "graded" for dogma and the player receives "dogma points" and cash in the form of "Research Grants". "Ringers" are thrown in, in the form of unique and novel ideas that if the player includes and publishes in a "Peer Reviewed Journal", the player loses dogma points. (The "papers" will be in a database somewhere and I'd like to make the game available for Chrome and also downloadable as a Desktop app.)

The player advances going from Bachelor's to Masters, PhD and all the levels of University professorship, Lecturer, assistant professor...tenured...full professor... etc... with the game becoming more difficult as it becomes harder and harder to distinguish the unique and novel ideas from the old stale ones.  Finally after the player has enough "dogma points", the player is nominated and ultimately receives the Nobel Prize.

The first question I have is one of format. The closest thing I can think of is some variant on MadLibs (except the player doesn't get to write, but drags and drops phrases) The setting is a university, so I could use some ideas about graphics. It's not real time with heavy animation, but should probably play more like a "hidden objects" type game, except the game play is slightly different.

If someone is  interested enough in this project to actually lend some "elbow grease", I have money to pay you to help me develop it. (There won't be any revenue from sales, however, as its a free game). Elsewise, I could use all the help I can get with ideas and suggestions on how to implement.

Thank you in advance!