A Update Python Tutorial?

+2 Mathias Gunnarsson · May 31, 2014
Im wondering if there will be an update python tutorial?

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+1 William Frost · July 19, 2014
Python 2.7 is great, most of the libraries of python 2.7 don't yet exist in python 3. It will some years until everyone will use python 3.

And frankly, I enjoy 2.7 more than 3 :)
0 first last · June 29, 2014

here are 3 free online books for game programming with Python  

the first 2 use PyGame 

Program Arcade Games With Python And Pygame

Making Games with Python & Pygame

this one is just text games with Python
Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

all use Python 3 
all assume no experience with programming 
so all start off with basic python 

for those looking for advanced Python, here's another free online book (also uses Python 3)

Welcome to Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures 

0 Colonel Panic · June 11, 2014
going to have to agree with both of the above posters.   There are some significant changes.   Write 3000 lines of code for 3 and put it on a server in production running 2.6 and you will feel some pain.  However, if you are at that point then fundamental videos are really not the way to go.  If you have learned in one form then you have all the basics and should stop re hashing fundamentals and move on to the python documentation sites.  If you don't ever start getting good with it you will never be a developer. 


The library link is possibly the most important tool you will use for coding python. 
0 Yoncho Yonchev · June 24, 2014
Btw knowing some python now, when I watch the tutorials I feel sad, feel sad because they are not good. If you need to learn to think like pythonist there is no big difference if it is python 2.7 or python 3.4 . No virtualenv, no pip, no easy_install, no sublime 3 snippets, no examples from the standard libraries, no Unit-tests- do I need to point out more ? 
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