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0 Robert Summers · October 22, 2014
Hello everyone, does anyone know what UI/UX for Web Development is and does anyone know of any tutorials for it. In other words does anyone know how I can start learning UI/UX design at home. Thank you for your help.

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0 Ibrahim Tuzlak · October 23, 2014
With a basic understanding of JavaScript (not necessary, but recommended), you may start using a JS library called "jQuery", or more precisely, "jQuery UI".

According to it's Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery_UI), it's pretty awesome and should do the job:


  • Accordion – Accordion containers

  • Autocomplete – Auto-complete boxes based on what the user types

  • Button – Enhanced button appearance, turn radio buttons and checkboxes into pushbuttons

  • Datepicker – Advanced date-picker

  • Dialog – Show dialog boxes on top of other content, easily and robustly

  • Menu – Show a Menu

  • Progressbar – Progress bars, both animated and not

  • Slider – Fully customizable sliders with various features

  • Spinner – Show a Number Spinner

  • Tabs – Tabbed user interface handling, with both inline and demand-loaded content

  • Tooltip – Show a Tooltip


  • Color Animation – Animate the transition from one color to another

  • Toggle Class, Add Class, Remove Class, Switch Class – Animate the transition from one set of styles to another

  • Effect – A variety of effects (appear, slide-down, explode, fade-in, etc.)

  • Toggle – Toggle an effect on and off

  • Hide, Show - Using the effects above

I did not used jQuery UI yet, but I did use the "classic" jQuery, and I found it very useful.
0 Robert Summers · October 27, 2014
Okay thank you for your help in return, I need to start learning jQuery. Am trying to improve my skills on Web Design, 

I have learnt HTML, CSS, HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript and PHP.

Just jQuery, MySQL, AJAX, UI/UX, XML and PHP5
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