Buying BTC with Paypal [Instant]?

+1 Ben   · October 22, 2014
I'm wondering if I can buy BTC with Paypal via this site. 
If so, how?

If not, do you guys happen to know a method of doing so? 
I need some BTC, but I would rather not tie a bank account or anything to it, instead, I'd like to use a Paypal account.

And, I'd like for it to be instant. 

Do any of you know of a method?

Thanks in advanced.

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0 Eugene Botma · October 24, 2014
People generally don't trade bitcoin for paypal unless both parties know and trust each other pretty well. And for a good reason.

Since bitcoin isn't a physical product, and there is no way for the "seller" to prove that they have sent the bitcoin and the "buyer" has received it, there is nothing protecting the seller from a paypal chargeback.

Hundreds of people have been scammed like this. Someone buys some BTC from them via paypal, then log a complaint to paypal that they never received what they paid for, and then the money is taken from the sellers paypal account and returned to the buyer, and there is nothing the seller can do about it.

I suggest using an exchange or a service like if you want to buy bitcoin.
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