Android project starts with 177 errors right off the bat!

0 Ignacio Lopo · October 21, 2014
Hello everyone, I've started following the Android Development series on TheNewBoston (by Travis), but I can't even get through the 4th tutorial. Lots of things have changed since the tutorial was made (2011) and now, so I'm not sure what or where to check for errors.
So, basically, I create my new android project just like in the tuts, but ever since it's created there are already 177 errors in it! I can't run it, I can't do anything with it. Most of the errors read as follow: "No resource found that matches the given name", and it'll point out a certain line of code. My project folder has a red exclamation mark on it, and the "appcompat_v7" folder that was created has a red X on it... the folders version_v11, version_v12, version_v13 and version_v14 inside this appcompat_v7 folder, are also marked with a red X.
I've checked the Java Build Path and in the Dependencies there was "appcompat_v7.jar" marked with an X. According to some forums I've read, I should just delete it, but that option is greyed out.

So, this is a real bummer, can't even create the project and I'm already swarmed with errors :ermm:
Really apreciate the help, guys.

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+1 Alex Sweps · October 23, 2014
Yeah those tutorials are old. It could be any number of issues. I suggest maybe uninstall the android sdk so you are back to default eclipse and use a newer tutorial on how to install the sdk. 

177 errors to me is not worth trying to fix. Just start fresh :P
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