Suggestion: C + SDL Tutorials!

+1 Marcus Law · May 31, 2014
This is something I haven't seen anyone else do. All SDL tutorials are done with C++, and I've had the worst luck trying to find any written in C. Do you think Bucky should create some C and SDL tutorials? Of course, everyone would rather see programming tutorials than Abode After Effects tutorials.

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0 n f · July 8, 2014
OO is inefficient, Data oriented programming is the way to go.
Love the cache
0 Daniel Collier · June 27, 2014
maybe a very simple game yes, but when it comes two 3d games that use meshes, you would want to have a class that can load and draw them and re writing that code for me evertime i want to do it is just a no no, 
-2 Daniel Collier · June 27, 2014
tbh whats the point of writing a game that isn't object orientated,
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