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+5 Ben   · October 21, 2014
I've been distro-hopping for a while. 

Started with Ubuntu, realized it was pretty bad. 
Mainly the Unity Dashboard that's bad. 
Not to mention, the idea of everything being tracked doesn't quite float my boat.

So far, I'd have to say that Arch, Gentoo and Fedora are in my top three.

Gentoo takes a long time to compile things, but the self-satisfaction of knowing I built everything from /scratch/ is pretty great. Same with Arch. You start from a command line, install what you want. No extra crap floating around taking up space and resources. 

Fedora, it's great for beginners, and it's great for every-day use. 
Compatible with a lot of things, widely-recognized and just, great.

I haven't had the chance to check out all Distros, though. 

What would you guys prefer? 

Oh, btw if you're wondering about Desktop Environments / Window Managers, here's my list:

- AwesomeWM
- i3
- OpenBox


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0 Jack Hoffman · April 23, 2017
Arch is a make you own OS and Fedora is easy. But in my personal opinion, I feel that Ubuntu is the favored OS. Also, the MATE environment in Ubuntu is my favourite.
0 Wrecker J · November 13, 2016
Manjaro -XFCE is my favourite
+1 Jon Z. · September 25, 2016
I started with Ubuntu over 6 years ago, before Unity, and I really liked it. Once Unity came around I tried a bunch of different distributions over the years until I found Ubuntu Mate. Now Ubuntu Mate has been my distro of choise for over a year.
0 Dusan Flekac · September 19, 2016
Hydrogen (former CrunchBang)
0 Joe Lerip · August 29, 2016
Did you try linux Mint V 18
0 Toph Beifong · August 29, 2016
Debian with gnome3 desktop
+1 James Moore · August 23, 2016
Elementary os is probably the best, and if your gonna go with ubuntu try the xfce version... its like 300mb and its crazy simple i run it on my chromebook
+1 Jan Kiel · August 7, 2016
Now I am using Windows 7 more often, and don't have any Linux install on my laptop, unfortunately, because i really like Linux - but i have too little disk space on laptop to make a dualboot, and i am still using windows for work and study (Visual Studio and C#).

I also started from ubuntu, it was natty narwhale, on beginning of my studies ;] real IT student needs to have linux on machine! :D
But my fav is arch linux, and debian. The minus of basic debian install is that it is "too stable" :P and it seems to have too obsolete software in official repos, so i prefer to use sid, or, even better, the Linuxbbq distro, the very nice, leightweight and prepared for "bbq your own".
And i am using mainly i3 window manager, need to come back to ol' good linux, and try some other tiling managers like spectrwm, awesome or hersbluftwm.

Of course neither archlinux nor sid based debians are'nt suitable for servers, so on one server i am using centos 7, on second one stable debian jessie.
+1 Arslan Karamat · June 15, 2016
I would prefer Mint, and Kali.
+1 Afnan Chowdhury · October 10, 2015
The hate on ubuntu in my opinion is unsubstantiated. I personally use ubuntu and to be honest this is the most stable and out-of-the-box-everything-works linux distro ever. If you dont like unity you can opt for ubuntu gnome, ubuntu mate and other ubuntu desktop environment. Personally I love unity as well. The auto hide feature on unity is a little shifty at first but tweaking a little with CCSM and you have a perfect unity launcher auto hide feature and with that unity becomes quite amazing. Now about tracking, turn off online suggestions, thats it! Basically ubuntu is a great option for anyone who wants to try out linux without having to go through all the main of hardwares not working and having to tweak and bug fixing a lot.
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