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+5 Ben   · October 21, 2014
I've been distro-hopping for a while. 

Started with Ubuntu, realized it was pretty bad. 
Mainly the Unity Dashboard that's bad. 
Not to mention, the idea of everything being tracked doesn't quite float my boat.

So far, I'd have to say that Arch, Gentoo and Fedora are in my top three.

Gentoo takes a long time to compile things, but the self-satisfaction of knowing I built everything from /scratch/ is pretty great. Same with Arch. You start from a command line, install what you want. No extra crap floating around taking up space and resources. 

Fedora, it's great for beginners, and it's great for every-day use. 
Compatible with a lot of things, widely-recognized and just, great.

I haven't had the chance to check out all Distros, though. 

What would you guys prefer? 

Oh, btw if you're wondering about Desktop Environments / Window Managers, here's my list:

- AwesomeWM
- i3
- OpenBox


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+4 Colonel Panic · October 23, 2014
Have to disagree, I love Ubuntu.  I may be one of the few people who like Unity, but its natural keybinds, and Dash allows me to move windows around different virtual desktops, open programs, and all sorts of things without leaving the keyboard.  Its minimalist approach is quite great as well as far as its window frames and such.

If I could change anything, it would be back to the layout they used in gnome 2 rather than the Grandma Phone Buttons, and menu list at the top.   I know  gnome-session-fallback is available in the apt-get repo, but I want the features of Unity more than the look of gnome2.   
+3 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 8, 2014
i use an Asus Gaming laptop which has two harddisks, i have kali and mint installed on one, then ubuntu and fedora. Having tried many distros over the years I think ubuntu still beats em overall.
+2 Nikola Novakovic · December 3, 2014
Elementary OS :) 
+2 Jesse Cox · October 24, 2014
My problem with Unity is that it tracks me and it's menu layout is awful. There is a simple option they could use to fix the entire thing. I've suggested it before and no one listens. Move the applications categories from the right to the left and make it an embedded scrolling menu. I love everything else about Ubuntu. It's just the complexity of finding programs.

That being said, I LOVE Fedora. Debian doesn't have it all together and GNU is switching to the hurd. Wanna try it out once it's release. It's supposed to give GNU's system the best speed in the world.
+2 Yaz Wright · October 24, 2014
I too tend to gravitate towards Ubuntu. Its just so damn easy to get what you need!

I don't have the time to do extra things right now with school, and im stuck with the netbook for now, so its fine for me personally. I might go to lubuntu though because I don't have much ram on here for kubuntu.

HOWEVER, The unity environment is a bit bulky with the icons on the side (they need to go..)
I also hate the lack of customization on unity, but KDE was great for that.. Only problem is, that desktop env. chewed up my battery.

With Fedora, you have to jump through hoops and shit for some of the most basic tasks, and most of the time, certain driver software/libraries are just too specific for the needs I have right now.  It's a lot more bare-boned.
Don't get me wrong, Fedora is great too, but I think where Suse and Fedora beat Ubuntu at is with security.

You have so much more options and once you get even more "seasoned", there are sooo many more options out there and things with you to mess with, and its great because only people that know what they're doing can access said areas. (being intentionally vague) Gentoo is a bit more advanced for most people, and it requires a lot more background knowledge, but it does have the customization which is nice.

I think it just comes down to where you are with experience, and what you value over certain things and your demand.

I'm fine with Ubuntu and have been for a short period of time. (2 yrs) Before that, I was on Arch.
I may go back to it because its pretty great.
+1 Arslan Karamat · June 15, 2016
I would prefer Mint, and Kali.
+1 Praveen Nelson · July 25, 2015
Linux mint
+1 James Moore · August 23, 2016
Elementary os is probably the best, and if your gonna go with ubuntu try the xfce version... its like 300mb and its crazy simple i run it on my chromebook
+1 jon barry · July 9, 2015
Centos 7 and  Debian J
+1 ludwig fourie · January 12, 2015
Fedora and Debian
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