Hello, which language should I start with?

+8 Frenonia Walls · October 21, 2014
I'm new to all this.  I'm trying to figure out which language should I learn first?  Any suggestions? I'm totally open to suggests.

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+6 Ibrahim Tuzlak · October 21, 2014
Hello, and welcome!

Well, I think everyone has it's very own opinion on your question, and those do differ. Here goes mine :D

Python or C.

Why Python and not C?
Because it's very easy to start with, yet it gives you understanding of programming by watching first 5-10 tutorials on it.
It doesn't really needs to be compiled which cuts all the work of installing/setting up compiler. Yes, installing compiler is easy to do, but also simply Installing Python and starting with following tutorials is kind of easier. More "user-friendly" for beginners.
But don't understimate it though. It's a powerful language.

Why C and not Python?
Because it gives you knowledge on installing (eventually setting up) your compiler, writing your program in a text editor, AND the compiling-source-file process after it at the very start of learning it, which is awesome. Awesome because those three 'steps' are found in pretty much any language that needs to be compiled first, so you gain a better understanding. :D (harder than with Python, but not hard!!!)



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