Hello, which language should I start with?

+8 Frenonia Walls · October 21, 2014
I'm new to all this.  I'm trying to figure out which language should I learn first?  Any suggestions? I'm totally open to suggests.

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+1 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
Start with the english language then go from there!!!

+1 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · March 6, 2015
What are the main languages that use in web development field
0 Brendon McBain · March 6, 2015
@Linguist Good argument. However, I'm sure if it's too hard to learn they won't get far anyway. And if they do, then what doesn't kill makes you stronger!
+1 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · March 5, 2015

I am learning C++ at the moment. I need another language except C++ and JAVA. 

0 Branislav Lazic · March 5, 2015

Lets just agree that C# and Java are both great languages. But C++ is better.

I will agree about first sentence, but not about second. :P
+1 Abdullah Nauman · March 5, 2015
Lets just agree that C# and Java are both great languages. But C++ is better. :P 
+2 Branislav Lazic · March 4, 2015
I was talking about .NET as a framework and about ASP .NET MVC as a framework for web applications development. I have no idea how you interpreted my comment that I was talking about ASP and .NET as programming languages. Therefore I said: ASP .NET MVC project!
Nevertheless, C# uses CRL as a "platform" to run on it. Equivalent to JVM.. if you wish. ASP .NET MVC application cannot be "successfully edited" (edit, compile, run) in Visual Studio (or Mono if you wish since VS doesn't run on *nix systems for now) on Linux or OSX since .NET is Windows specific and ASP .NET MVC is part of .NET. However, Java frameworks are absolutely portable. Java web application project can be "successfully edited" on more-less any OS. 

Additionally, there have been existing C# implementations for Linux for years and years, now... Consider Mono.

I'm doing with C# too recently and Mono was never an option. Why would anyone use some C# web application framework that works on Linux when even ASP .NET MVC barely catches with combinations of current Java web application frameworks. I could write whole book of arguments, but that doesn't lead nowhere.

Frameworks can obviously be specific for an OS, as they are in Java too.

That's partially correct. Java GUI application cannot be run on i.e. *nix OS that doesn't have GUI, yes. C# WPF application for example, cannot be run on *nix OS's by any chance (since WPF is part of .NET). 
0 Branislav Lazic · March 4, 2015

Which platform does Java run on that C# doesn't?

C# is platform independent (how surprising), however, it heavily relies on .NET. How can I run C# ASP MVC .NET project on Linux? Yes yes yes... .NET is going open source so we can expect to run on *nix system. But until then it cannot be considered seriously as a multi platform programming language.
0 Brendon McBain · March 4, 2015
I could sit here and write why one language is better to start off with than other, but who cares. The important thing is that whoever is interested in programming just makes a start in the language that interests them! :D
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 4, 2015
@Raahim, yes C# is a great language, I just recommended Java becuase,it is more diverse in terms of platform compatibility. That's all :)



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