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0 HyJax LTD · October 20, 2014
From Family Guy:

PETER: Can you name one successful company that isn't 'cookie' based?

LOAN OFFICER: Microsoft.

If you don't get why this is funny with truth  you need to go and read the TOS that Google has you involved with.

What type of security can a company who is designed as a marketing engine provide you without defeating their mission goal as a company?

Google = Marketing Firm from birth

Microsoft = Tech Firm from birth

You do know the NSA simply bought the meta data from Google for the Street Cam start up money Google wanted, right? That's when the TOS changed so they could sell EVERY PEICE you give them to ANYONE... not just the NSA. Why was it okay for them to turn and say the NSA just took it... no they sold it to the NSA.

Don't believe the hype... learn to read EVERYTHING YOU SIGN. I only posted this for the joke but wanted to clarify my position and why its so damn funny to those that know.

I love the chrome environment EXCEPT for the marketing holes left by design by the company.

Just read this... think about it. Its plain logic.

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0 Abdullah Nauman · October 30, 2014
Is all this Debating really getting us anywhere? 
0 Brandon Elliott · October 29, 2014
Google collected all of your information from this thread and sold it to the NSA for a million dollars.

Google wins again!
0 HyJax LTD · October 29, 2014
Your right... Ill never win because most of you don't get what you sacrifice.

But I know many Ausie companies do the right thing.  In fact the most prestigious investment firm in Australia is out here trying to help XMisison and our fiber network keep ground.

But as a Marine, I wont give up the call to insure others know this is NOT the way ot has to be done... just the way you and me keep allowing it to be done.

Are you seeing this is NOT about Google?
+1 Alex Sweps · October 28, 2014
In Australia we have some movie company trying to find anyone that dled movie Dallas buyers club. The ISPs are going to court to defend customers data. Lots of ISPs do it its not just yours.... 

Also taking on google your never going to win so just chill and have a beer or something. Your way too wound up about this...
0 HyJax LTD · October 28, 2014
Want to know if there are REAL business out there that care about YOUR data...

It would only be fair to provide you with one to research and understand just WHY I am saying what I say about Privacy.


Now, go tell me why Google, with all their fancy lawyers, doesn't AND cant say no to the 'big, bad NSA'?

0 HyJax LTD · October 26, 2014

Your so clever Brewster.

Now what does any of that have to do with the joke?

0 Source Slayer · October 26, 2014 Windows kernel exploitation: Rendering with a malformed font can lead to easy exploitation.

Apple Mac OS X CVE-2014-4438 Race Condition Security Vulnerability Attacker can gain unauthorized access like a drunk rapper at the opera. 

Can you find something like this that is so simple yet so dangerous newer than this?

Seabasschan chimed in...

21:41:17 - Seabasschan: In fact there are a string of Linux kernel vulns following it... As I said, it's not possible to say whether OSS is "safer" than closed-source software. It depends upon the people writing the code, and the people running the code. If you don't patch your system after a vuln is discovered, your system is vuln. That's regardless of open-source or closed-source software.
21:44:35 - Seabasschan: As for the Microsoft vs Google debate, well... Microsoft's initial flagship product was written in college by one of Bill Gates' college buddies, who he purchased it off for $10k. He then made millions and millions of dollars from it, unethically.
21:45:21 - Seabasschan: In this day and age he'd have been sued for intellectual property rights, claiming that the product was copyright Microsoft...
21:49:09 - Seabasschan: Plus, if all he wants is closed source software, good luck to him... Microsoft wants in on LLVM, which is fully open-source, even more-so than Linux.
21:54:12 - Seabasschan: I packeted myself. I sent random UDP packets from hping2 to Red Faction (which is closed source) for about 5 minutes, and... crash.
21:54:53 - Seabasschan: That's how I know that RF is shitty code. I don't even have to look at the code, not that I have it...

0 Alex Sweps · October 22, 2014
It sounds like you just need a nice warm glass of milk.
0 HyJax LTD · October 22, 2014
Bucky, I have documented sources as well as information they can go verify themselves.

I don't know if trolling is allowed on your site but I got a bridge for sale here I think...
0 HyJax LTD · October 22, 2014
Ya know, this site and almost every video endorses Google and Google products.

I dont see ANYONE ramming Bucky calling him a Google employee and he states his preference clearly.
You want to use Google DO IT.

Every company MINUS XMISSION is doing us one way or another. But this joke this post starts with is competly valid and hilaroius if you understand TOS contracting in its full context.

Bucky, I wouldnt even care if you were a Google employee. He drops sound knowledge and I dont hear him trying to defend Googles privacy collection policy becuase he probably knows hiow to read the TOS as well.
If the knowledge is sound YOU DONT KNOCK IT.  It will prove the idiots in time.

Now call me what you want, I have nothing to add.

That was a funny joke huh?  'Cookies'!!!
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