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0 HyJax LTD · October 20, 2014
From Family Guy:

PETER: Can you name one successful company that isn't 'cookie' based?

LOAN OFFICER: Microsoft.

If you don't get why this is funny with truth  you need to go and read the TOS that Google has you involved with.

What type of security can a company who is designed as a marketing engine provide you without defeating their mission goal as a company?

Google = Marketing Firm from birth

Microsoft = Tech Firm from birth

You do know the NSA simply bought the meta data from Google for the Street Cam start up money Google wanted, right? That's when the TOS changed so they could sell EVERY PEICE you give them to ANYONE... not just the NSA. Why was it okay for them to turn and say the NSA just took it... no they sold it to the NSA.

Don't believe the hype... learn to read EVERYTHING YOU SIGN. I only posted this for the joke but wanted to clarify my position and why its so damn funny to those that know.

I love the chrome environment EXCEPT for the marketing holes left by design by the company.

Just read this... think about it. Its plain logic.

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+1 Source Slayer · October 20, 2014
Microsoft employee, I assume?

If not, you accept the terms you agree to, big deal, these companies take what you give them. If you truly believe that one company has better interest in your privacy based on its initial goal, you are mislead. If you wanted to make an actual, point, post the relevant portion of the topic next time. Though it doesn't really matter, you point is based on an invalid assumption.
+1 Alex Sweps · October 28, 2014
In Australia we have some movie company trying to find anyone that dled movie Dallas buyers club. The ISPs are going to court to defend customers data. Lots of ISPs do it its not just yours.... 

Also taking on google your never going to win so just chill and have a beer or something. Your way too wound up about this...
0 Source Slayer · October 26, 2014 Windows kernel exploitation: Rendering with a malformed font can lead to easy exploitation.

Apple Mac OS X CVE-2014-4438 Race Condition Security Vulnerability Attacker can gain unauthorized access like a drunk rapper at the opera. 

Can you find something like this that is so simple yet so dangerous newer than this?

Seabasschan chimed in...

21:41:17 - Seabasschan: In fact there are a string of Linux kernel vulns following it... As I said, it's not possible to say whether OSS is "safer" than closed-source software. It depends upon the people writing the code, and the people running the code. If you don't patch your system after a vuln is discovered, your system is vuln. That's regardless of open-source or closed-source software.
21:44:35 - Seabasschan: As for the Microsoft vs Google debate, well... Microsoft's initial flagship product was written in college by one of Bill Gates' college buddies, who he purchased it off for $10k. He then made millions and millions of dollars from it, unethically.
21:45:21 - Seabasschan: In this day and age he'd have been sued for intellectual property rights, claiming that the product was copyright Microsoft...
21:49:09 - Seabasschan: Plus, if all he wants is closed source software, good luck to him... Microsoft wants in on LLVM, which is fully open-source, even more-so than Linux.
21:54:12 - Seabasschan: I packeted myself. I sent random UDP packets from hping2 to Red Faction (which is closed source) for about 5 minutes, and... crash.
21:54:53 - Seabasschan: That's how I know that RF is shitty code. I don't even have to look at the code, not that I have it...

0 HyJax LTD · October 26, 2014

Your so clever Brewster.

Now what does any of that have to do with the joke?

0 HyJax LTD · October 20, 2014

Why is it that because someone has something negative to say about Google over privacy that we are all well aware Goggle screws us on they MUST work for Microsoft?

I use a company called XMission who in twenty plus years of operation as Utahs FIRST ISP has not lost ONE CUSTOMER to customer dissatisfaction and cancelation.  They have only lost customers in periods of the consumer not being able to pay their bill... but they always come back AS SOON AS THEY CAN.

Not everyone is just out to take what you got.  If you are convinced of this, please don't be my friend.  Some of us are here to deliver the NEXT GENERATION OF ENTREPRENUERSHIP.

A very educated person who knows what they read and sign. Being former military, this is a must for me.

I wrote actual policy for the US government. I actually understand and can reference ALL PARTS of a criedt card agreement.
I mentioned XMission.. their CEO is several places across the internet letting us know that the NSA didn't demand anything and he has told them NOT WITHOUT A WARRANT successfully every time.

He treats my data as though it was his.

Why is it that because someone has something negative to say about Google over privacy that we are all well aware Goggle screws us on they MUST work for Microsoft?

But that's fine... keeping supporting a company that you know sells your information to anyone and everyone.

I'm not here to make any one change their dedication.. only point out factors other haven't considered because of all the other noise.

I'm gonna stick to tech business with a tech firm. Ill use Google when I need some marketing done.

Some companies are beginning to care, but if we just keep handing money to the ones that don't its gonna take a bit longer.
0 HyJax LTD · October 20, 2014
And if Chrome didn't gather and sell EVERYPEICE OF DATA TO INTERFACE WITH IT...

Id use it 24/7.

But with the browser, that's like taking the TOS of GMail and applying it to EVERY ACTION you do on the browser.

I have nothing to hide but I do believe consumer protections should be first and foremost WITH ANY tech frim.

But again... Google is a marketing firm.
0 HyJax LTD · October 28, 2014
Want to know if there are REAL business out there that care about YOUR data...

It would only be fair to provide you with one to research and understand just WHY I am saying what I say about Privacy.


Now, go tell me why Google, with all their fancy lawyers, doesn't AND cant say no to the 'big, bad NSA'?

0 HyJax LTD · October 29, 2014
Your right... Ill never win because most of you don't get what you sacrifice.

But I know many Ausie companies do the right thing.  In fact the most prestigious investment firm in Australia is out here trying to help XMisison and our fiber network keep ground.

But as a Marine, I wont give up the call to insure others know this is NOT the way ot has to be done... just the way you and me keep allowing it to be done.

Are you seeing this is NOT about Google?
0 Alex Sweps · October 21, 2014
Man no matter how many people you tell to stop using google, they will never go down... I love google. They provide so many services for free and it costs nothing to make money using their services like apps and adsense etc... 

They provide a global market for you and all you need to do is write the app. Exchange rate, taxes, everything is all done by them... 

Then theres all the good things they are doing for world like cheap OSs and laptops for poor countries, self driving cars to save lives.... I dont understand why anyone would be shitty at them after everything they provide to us free of charge. 
0 HyJax LTD · October 21, 2014
Funny I post a joke, albeit it very true, and so many people get really offended.  Its like you know Google sells you out but you cant say anything cause they got you hooked on their gCrack... but just like crack its gonna take everything you own.


Open source also means higher potential for unknown exploitation.
You can control pretty much anything you want in Windows, just like *nux, but you have to go strictly terminal... just like *nux.
I think the real issue is the ease windows has us used to annoys professionals that still have to terminalize real settings.
You dont pay attention to that on *nux because its still pretty much a terminal based OS, if you are looking to do anything really, real with it.
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