provide tutorial for google listing ,SEO and LOGO

0 Ajeet Kesarwani · October 20, 2014
hi Bucky,

it will be better if you provide tutorial on google listing , SEO and how to create logo for website 

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-2 Ajeet Kesarwani · November 17, 2014
hi , bucky share some knowledge and Links  on SEO 
0 Entangled In Time · November 20, 2014
I can help TREMENDOUSLY with this, as it just happens to be "my area". I've put a number of websites "on the top of Google",  (and did it for a living)  Feel free to shoot any questions you may have over my way.
0 Chris Whitlock · November 20, 2014
I'm right up there with Entangled in Time. My main field of study is Web Development, which includes SEO. I do this for a living however, if you'd like me to walk you through it just shoot me a private message.

I would highly recommend reading the following link if you plan on doing this yourself. It will give you a better idea what is involved and how it works. It's not an overnight thing and it is something that normally needs to be maintained.
-1 Entangled In Time · November 20, 2014
Great article!

One of my BIGGEST recommendations when it comes to SEO is that an "ounce of prevention" is DEFINITELY worth a "pound of cure".  A site that is built "search engine friendly" from the start can achieve rankings in a matter of weeks, while a poorly built site that you have to come back and SEO later, can take MONTHS before the mess is fixed!
-1 Homer Simpson · November 21, 2014
This is better suited for the suggestions section.
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