Dwarf Fortress

+1 Nika Mchedlidze · October 19, 2014

Last version was released in 2014, it is being constantly developed.

I was wondering, does anyone here play DF? its my favorite game, and I love it.

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0 Not Shifty · December 21, 2014
Wow, that looks so awesome and intense.  I love these classic, 8-bit-kind of games... Might try it out sometime.
0 Nika Mchedlidze · December 21, 2014
I also play CDDA @Evan, its cool.
0 Nika Mchedlidze · December 9, 2014
Same for me when I first played it, still can't play without newbie tools (like graphic mods and utilities, etc).
0 Evan Howell · December 10, 2014
Great game, tons of potential. I also enjoy Cataclysm DDA.
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