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0 Jarwin . · October 20, 2014
I am vreating a local Intranet server for my home network but the thing is that my brother dont wana type 192.168... How can i create a local DNS server JUST for the local intranet
PS: This home network will not be connected to internet.
Any ideas?

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0 Colonel Panic · October 26, 2014
I would read the docs of your local router.  Most of them have the ability to generate a local domain for internal DNS resolution.    Installing Bind on a laptop, or a VM is more interesting, but that is like putting a thumbtack in with a sledgehammer. 
0 Eugene Botma · October 25, 2014
DNS doesn't take a lot of processing power. Check out these tutorials i made for setting up DHCP and DDNS for a cluster. It should work for you as well.

Scientific Linux/ centos/ fedora:
DNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL2rSNbSfpE&index=2&list=PLLSuIcxrb1x7aKJjNRo_kpmR6DBSYQYSh
DHCP+DDNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cRPcoUhR3s&index=3&list=PLLSuIcxrb1x7aKJjNRo_kpmR6DBSYQYSh

Ubuntu/debian/mint/elementary OS:
0 Jarwin . · October 25, 2014
I cannot afford to go with the hosts.txt idea cause my brother's not the only one using it (i have a LOT of friends comming over during weekends!)
and @Eugene Botma i have a lot of spare computer systems (a bit old though but i can install lubuntu on them) can you give me a good reference for that matter? i.e creating a local DNS server on linux? It will be really helpful
0 Eugene Botma · October 20, 2014
Most routers have a built in nameserver. Try typing \\[your brothers computer name here] into the path in an explorer window. You should get his shared folders.

Otherwise, if you have a computer that is always running, it's very easy to make a DNS server using lunix. You could run a VM to run the DNS
0 Alex Sweps · October 20, 2014
You dont need to setup a DNS server, you can just edit the hosts file on each computer if you dont have many. Windows checks this file first before it goes to its configured DNS server. 

Do a search on your C drive for "hosts". Open it in notepad and just add your IP and then what host name you want mapped. You will see in the example it provides. If your on a MAC im not sure they have a hosts file but im pretty sure they would as linux does. 
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