Problem While Chatting With Many People

+1 Soyuj Basnet · October 18, 2014
While Chatting With Many People :
If you're Chatting with One Person and in the same time , other people reply to your previous messages .The whole System Gets messed up.And if you reply to the second person,the message is sent to the first person .So Fix it as soon as possible, Bucky.

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0 Bucky Roberts · November 24, 2014
Weird. I'll take a look at it now. Also if possible, can you post a screenshot of the issue?
0 Soyuj Basnet · November 24, 2014
It Was Probably 1 month Ago,no Screenshots(Sorry For That!),But Let me explain:P:
The Conversations With The First Person Goes Beyond The Borders Off The Browser.And The Space Is Occupied By The Second Conversation...You Cannot Switch Between Those And The Message Is Sent To The Recent One As I Told You... 
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