SQLite or MySQL?

+1 Chapi Chapz · October 17, 2014
Hello people, I've just joined this forum after watching a video from bucky about MySQL databases and I'm still unsure of what database program to use.
I'm super novice on database, never worked with them before, so please excuse me if I ask insane stuff :)

Well basically I've been developing a multiplayer game in Unity3D, based on servers which will have their own persistent databases with all the information about the players who play on that server. The influence of the database on the game is not too big, that's why I think SQLite might work and since I read its little bit easier than MySQL I thought it might be a good choice to start with.

The only times the database will need to be accessed is, when a server is initialized, either create a new blank database following a template or load an existing one. Then, everytime a player connects, either read his information from the database, or create a new entry if the player is not registered yet, then again on player disconnection, update his info with the new info (Like new position, inventory, etc).

So, will SQLite do the job? If it does, is it really worth to use it over MySQL? And one more thing, in the case we decide to make server hosters to share a database so players can transfer their character over server, will this also be possible on SQLite/MySQL?
Thanks in advance!

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0 Chapi Chapz · October 18, 2014
Thanks alot for the answer Kai Alt! I had read something about what you said about memory usage but first I thought it might not be an issue since I wouldn't be accessing data constantly or at a high rate. But what you said about it storing into memory after one read and building up in memory convinced me :). Also yesterday I was struggling to get SQLite to work in Unity while using C# and there was very very little documentation or support on the subject and I know MySQL is much bigger than SQLite and has way more information about it than SQLite on Unity. So thanks again, I might take a look at MariaDB or Postrgesql but since I won't be doing any complex data use I might not need it.
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