Hellow! :3

0 Andreea Cristina · October 17, 2014
Hi guys!

My name is Andreea, and I'm from Romania. ^^
I'm currently a student at IT&C Security Master in Bucharest. I am very interested in programming, and, well, basically everything technology-related. 
As cheesy as this might sound, I really want to make lots of friends here and to get along really well with everybody!

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and having awesome convos together, exchanging ideas & co!

Peace! xx

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0 Buddy Blackford · October 19, 2014
welcome! 8-)
0 Troy Jones · October 21, 2014
Welcome fellow Bucky noob! How is the tech field over there?
0 Andreea Cristina · October 21, 2014
Thanks for the welcome :3
Well the tech field here is umm same as everywhere else I suppose haha xD it's growing :alien: :D
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