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+1 Ariel Obando · October 17, 2014
I wanted to know what are some games that I can begin coding using C++

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0 Nika Mchedlidze · October 18, 2014
Hey there, I started programming 3-4 years ago, inspired by other game developers. Just don't expect too much while starting, you can start learning basic C++, then go to graphics, I recommend using OpenGL, also, not a good idea to start programming with C++, yea its best for game development, but most time consuming and one of hardest, start with Python, then pygame, Bucky has tutorials for both of them, trust me, you don't want to start making GTA 6.

Good luck.
+1 Jeremy Hewitt · October 27, 2014
The first game I plan on experimenting with is the original (1st) 'The Legend of Zelda' for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (1986), the graphix and mechanics are very simple, so I figure it would be a great and easy start for me, even though Nintendo did the NES games in "6502 Assembly", I've been told that C++ allows for not only very easy and accurate reproduction, but also added functions, such as mp3's instead of just Midi's, I plan on using mostly AC/DC for the music in mine, tee hee !!!
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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