need 30 second timer in java

+1 muler suler · October 16, 2014
hello guys i need 30 second countdown timer(clock audio) for my java game  and that audio file should be in (.wav) file format and exactly equals to 30 seconds in length thanxxxxx

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0 muler suler · October 17, 2014
sorry dude i don't need code i need an audio file of 30 seconds count down timer(tik tik audio) and i have already written code for playing audio file so now i only need that audio file i have searched in net for 30 seconds clock down timer audio but those are not satisfying my requirements. i need exactly 30 seconds audio which contain exactly one beep per second thanxxx.......
0 Alex Sweps · October 17, 2014
Dont think you can even do a "while, else" but you get the picture :P 
0 Alex Sweps · October 16, 2014
You could use a thread and set it to sleep for 30 seconds as soon as your audio plays, but that seems a bit messy. A cleaner option is a boolean that switches when the audio stops playing.

Something like:

do nothing....
do something else...

Im sure theres an inbuilt method somewhere in java that checks if audio is playing. Let me know if you get stuck and il try find some working code. 
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