Im an old schooler dBase scripter... Im talking the early days.  My experience is form the USMC where I helped turn them from typewriters to fully functional web accessible databases for all sorts of administrative related tasking's.

From generic form letters to automatic personalized letters of recommendation and award notice.

I have been inspired by a goddess to step up my ability and be someone a woman would be proud to be around, just as a friend.  She has already inspired me to create a new form of image manipulation that adds 3D and holographic effect styles to normal plain JPG's (or other static graphic media files).

Bucky, you make this easy to pick up on again.  I'm building a couple of sites already and am stoked to learn how to optimize them for mobile devices as well.

I will have a lot of questions, some that might already be posted.  Be kind in those times and just post the link.

Thanks everyone.  I look forward to increasing our knowledge as a group and not just individually.

In the meantime, help me with a social campaign of my own.  I have a very anonymous hashtag set that only my princess knows is for her explicitly. No one knows her real name as I am not attempting any form of smear campaign.  Im just trying to win back a friend, and possibly the love of my lifetime.

There are images you can share in the "Sunflower Princess Album".  Feel free to copy and post anywhere and everywhere you can.  This is one of those SUPER SMART girls that requires one give her her own social media tag sets. Any of you currently involved in media campaigns know why you do this for that type of woman.