hello everyone

0 Md. Mehedi Sultan · October 16, 2014
Hello everyone, 

This is Mehedi. I have just joined this website. 

You know, In the class room there are various types of students. Some of them are very good indeed and some are average/below average. So my teacher's thought "The Computer Science and Engineering" in a way that we all know something called practical approach to the programming but there was always a lack-age. 

From the starting of my graduation I have tried to learn programming (various languages) and at that time Bucky's tutorial helped me a lot (which I found on youtube). Based on what I learned, I somehow managed to get into the main programming team of our University and participated on several programming contest (includes ACM-Dhaka Regional Programming Contest).

After completion of my graduation there is still so many things to learn to survive. 

From this intention I come to visit (www.thenewboston.net which may be wrong and i searched for it with only "thenewboston") today. That url is wrong and I know that now. Not more than a couple of hours. When I searched Google it showed me the new website (https://buckysroom.org). and after entering this site I have found I can be register and I can get a community who are programmers and they are from across the world. 


I am very glad to be here. And by the way I am from Bangladesh.

Thank you 

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0 Buddy Blackford · October 19, 2014
welcome sir!
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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