+1 oarabile chawilani · October 16, 2014
how do i make PHP run on pc? so that i follow up too!!!!!!

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0 Ibrahim Tuzlak · October 16, 2014
To run it locally, for the sake of tests / development, etc., you need something like XAMPP (cross-platform), or WAMP (MS Windows).
0 Nikola Novakovic · October 16, 2014
Or install apache , mysql and php separetely :) 
0 Ron Butcher · October 18, 2014
If you are running a Windows machine XAMPP is easy to use for testing and development.  If you are running a Pro version of Windows (i.e. Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate - not the home version) you can also run IIS which is the built in Windows Web Server.  

You can download and install PHP for IIS.  It is a bear to setup, but if you are trying to learn php and become a developer, it is important that you learn how to configure php and how to use the php.ini file. 
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