0 Shreyansh Rana · October 15, 2014
Hi. I decided to learn Java a short time ago. I was wondering what are the practical uses of Java.?  What can I make by learning Java. 

Also should I also learn HTML? 

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+2 Alex Sweps · October 16, 2014
You can pretty much make anything you want. Games, Android apps, Small applications to do whatever you need. Large applications. Java is everywhere. Its a good starter language as it introduces you to all the concepts required for any other language. Its also popular so there's plenty of help available. 

And yeah HTML is good but its not a programming language. You should definitely learn some html if you have the time to get a good view of how webpages work at a basic level. 
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Java / Android Development


Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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