BuckysRoom Mobile Source Code (rough draft)

+9 Bucky Roberts · October 14, 2014
Here is the source code for the mobile site so far. 


This is a VERY rough draft. Still a ton of cleaning up and reorganizing to do, but I figured I would share now in case anyone wanted to play around with it or help out with early development. 

If anyone has any suggestions or wants to make any design improvements, you can just post them as a reply to this topic. Thanks!  :)

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+2 Al mojtahedi · October 14, 2014
My 2 cents feedback: 
1- Landing page: Check out Metro UI on windows mobile. I think you can play with the home page to make it more interactive However you need to make sure to make it simple at the same time. Is that HTML responsive, Android or iOS?
2- Again landing page: 2/3 of the page is empty and wasted. If you don't have any plan for the rest of the page then I think you should redesign the page! To me it needs more love! 
3- The color theme is great and its kind of subjective. Can you give users two theme options to toggle? The user behavior shows that people spend more time on colors like white and blue. I think there was a human psychology behind the theme colors on Facebook, LinkedIn, tinder, twitter, youtube and many other apps out there
4- You can change the “messages" title to "notification center" and it includes messages from the other people or the system administrator+increase the badge way before user clicks on the messages menu
5- I think you need kind of divider between the sections under the "about" page. OR you can have different background color for the headers like "basic information", "Education" and so on
6- The "reputation" color is gray and not readable. I think the reputation badge is important element in user profile and needs more clear text, font and color!
7- Connect social media: Like about.me you can let users to add their social media, blog, website links like twitter, LinkedIn, personal website under their profile page. It helps a lot to increase the usability since you have reputation page for each user.
8- The third screen " about" shows the user profile however the bottom icon is on "home" menu! I think it should be on the user menu.
9- Push notification: Is there any method like using "parse" to send push notification to users about the updates? Hugely increase the engagement on your App including "retention" and your daily active users.
10- Any app needs a brand like name and the logo. I can't see any logo or name on your app screenshots.
11- Sign up page: You can add walk through on your app to ask people either signup with their social media accounts or continue as guest. 

I hope you find my feedback helpful!
+1 Bucky Roberts · October 14, 2014
Here is the GitHub repo:  https://github.com/buckyroberts/BR-Mobile
0 Ibrahim Tuzlak · October 14, 2014
thanks for this, I'll check it out later (tomorrow).

I was wondering whether you could put this on Github or similar [insert SCM here] hosting service.
I believe It would make contributing/issuing, etc. much easier.

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