Bucky we NEED Answers.

+8 Abdullah Nauman · October 13, 2014

  • Bucky you don't make any update videos anymore.  

  • Also do you still have that office.  

  • Now that you have moved all the tutorials to Buckysroom, does that mean that 'TheNewBosten' is over?  

  • We have not seen your 'face' in so long.   

  • Please Reply 

If anyone else has any questions please post them here. 

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+1 Source Slayer · October 22, 2014
These aren't really questions but I'll try to respond to them.

  • Bucky doesn't really make update videos anymore, but when he needs funding for another project, he'll be up for it. I know that sounded rude, maybe I'll rephrase it later.

  • No, he doesn't have that office any longer I believe, that office was in North Carolina, and he is now in New York. I might be mixing things up though.

  • TheNewBoston is still his youtube channel as far as I know, and he will likely keep the name since it's better known, but TheNewBoston's old community is no longer on the forum, which redirects to this site. The good news is that "/" redirects here, and not every page from when I last checked and we are also on IRC.

  • Maybe he's uploaded to his more personal channel, maybe he has yet to post, but look at my first reply, he may soon post.

+1 Nika Mchedlidze · October 22, 2014
He's surely busy :). Maybe someday he will be more active in this community, but we should appreciate current state, he posts on forums and stream often, so I guess he's not that inactive.
0 Jeremy Hewitt · October 27, 2014
Considering the personal time and money he has put into everything he has done to make and maintain the things on this site as well as those who are members of this site yet hardly anyone actually donates to help him out with it, I think he probably has to spend many hours working and having a personal life, he has done great for what little he gets, so if it takes some time to visit or make new vids, I say "take your time bro." show some appreciation, I'm sure there's plenty to do here that you have yet to complete.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · November 30, 2014
Well, number 3 is answered. Thenewboston is back.
+1 Brendon McBain · December 1, 2014
I'm also curious about the fourth point. I hope he continues with his vlogs and does some updates again, they were awesome!
0 kiarash maleki · December 1, 2014
Here is Dead!
-1 Developer John · December 1, 2014
He's not dead, just wait for him to answer. Lol, he's been making videos lately. At least forward him here, or something. Oh, and by the way, you cannot simply respond to these questions. You don't really know his personal life unless you actually work with him.:sideways:
+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 10, 2014
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