Trying to Make a Website Where Users Pay Users

0 Jeff Allen · October 12, 2014
I'm in the process of making a website where users can sell products (shoes) and have other users purchase them from them. I would like to use PayPal as most of the users will have a PayPal account, but I don't want any of the payments to go to my PayPal account first, I would like it for them to be able to pay each other.

How would I go about doing this? I thought about using Stripe however most users probably won't have a Stripe account, and they must use their card if I use Stripe when most of them will want to use PayPal for an easier checkout.

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+1 Jeremy Benson · October 15, 2014
as far as I know your customers when using Stripe don't need a stripe account, only you do. You store customers, created through the api and also store card ID's, and other such ids. You can't legally store credit card information on your website unless you're certified. Stripe gives you all the functions to get this kind of sensitive information to their site, and you store IDs to it in your database to communicate back and forth...

haul out of your database customer: cus_asju32jd and charge card: card_skdksjd2ww.

you would have some kind of table connection to know what customer ID goes with what user.

Stripe is perfect for you, but all your customers have to be from the United States, as Stripe only offers their debit transfer to American banks and debits, soon to be international. Once it's international PayPal will have to watch out, because Stripe will be a SHaRK, lol.... If you only plan on taking money from people Stripe will work fine...

Paypal offers you their api, with split and chained payments, but there's a registration process, waiting time, and it's only available to Americans as far as I know...

If I was you in this situation I would consider my options on these main points.
0 Jeff Allen · October 13, 2014
That IS a good point, but I could see that getting complicated as if they buyer paid my main PayPal first, then I paid the seller when the buyer got the shoes, it could cost me a few fees.
0 Godspower Onedo · October 12, 2014
If i may say its more better to get the payment first and then if the buyer has recieve his/her items it then alert you guys for you to pay the seller, in other to avoid scammers and noobs.
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