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+3 Batuhan Ay · October 12, 2014
I am suck at math before the high school. But i was like programming stuff. And now i trying to learn programming language again. But i failed so i am done  with programming. I need move to other stuff.  I be interested in vfx etc. Guys trust me if you live in  developed countries (such as europe, united states etc.) your math should be nice. Because education systems are different. 

I'ill look at some adobe stuff. Anyway have a nice day

Note: Sorry for my english by the way

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+8 Source Slayer · October 12, 2014
Europe is a country now?

EDIT: Seriously though, math has little to do with it. If you really wanted to learn programming you would, certain skills typically take time to develop. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn. EDIT 2: Don't meanto come off as harsh or anytihng.
+1 Israel Lopez · October 13, 2014
Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only bad at something because you're not practicing
and if you are practicing but still aren't doing so good then you need to figure out why it's not working.

Maybe it's your approach to a problem or you don't have adequate information, just have to keep trying different things.

You should give it another shot, there's a bunch of resources out there for learning math, even this site has math videos, Khan Academy is especially good for that.

Good luck and remember there's no shame in going back to the basics, you can't understand advanced stuff without them and they're good to revisit anyway.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · October 14, 2014
What language are yiu trying to learn. I mean starting off with C++ or Java is not a good idea. 
+1 Emmanuel Ntiamoah · October 14, 2014
My friend you've got to encourage yourself. Yes you can... though nothing comes on a silver platter. Just follow what Bucky teaches you and you will be good to go....
+1 Dustin St Andre · October 14, 2014
Trust me I know how you feel... is am using the easiest programming language and I still have issues with getting anything to really work.... well atleast till I started watching Buckys videos over and over again and commiting alot of the main stuff to memory... now if I have an issue I can either ask or remember that even the easiest things in life can test you at times. Keep it up and you should do fine... nothing is truely free.
+3 Colonel Panic · October 15, 2014
Math is like playing an instrument.  It takes lots of practice to get good, lots of practice to stay good, and it comes more easily for some.   But anyone can learn it.   If you have not given https://www.khanacademy.org/ a chance, then you absolutly should.  It makes learning it easier. 

Once you are practiced at math, coding becomes much more easy.  

Math is the most wondrous thing to discover, and I hope you stick with it enough to see the beauty in it.  It is exact, always honest, and the most constant thing you will ever find.  It will teach you how to solve problems (and not just ones with numbers).   It will teach you to think objectively. It will teach you to remove yourself from your situations.  It will teach you determination. It will teach you confidence. 

Embrace its difficulties, that is where you will find its greatest lessons. 
+1 Andrew Lopez-Dillard · October 15, 2014
Look, I suck at Math too but it doesn't mean you can't program... Try an easier language such as HTML, CSS, and maybe JavaScript. You have to be patient and you have to encourage yourself to go that extra step! Think of an idea and stick to it. 
+2 Kuroodo Ditory · October 15, 2014
I was going through the same at some point. I just felt like giving up. C++ as my first language was tough. So I decided to move down and ended up doing some Visual Basic. The language was so easy that it was basically what kept me going! Not just that, being able to make your own Windows Form was pretty fun!

I made my first game with Visual Basic (it was nothing special).

Then after I went back to C++ and things were a bit easier to understand. But soon enough I got stuck again and decided to go learn something else. I ended up discovering a site called codecademy. There I learned some Javascript, html, and CSS. I got really far with Javascript and made a couple of games and programs with that. Then I looked over what I wanted to do with myself and programming. I wanted to make games, but for the moment, games for the android market. 

So from there I went and began to learn Java. Java was pretty easy to learn but took some practice sometimes. The more I practiced and the more programs I made for fun, the more I ended up learning along the way.

Where do I find myself now? Currently I am using libGDX with Java. I am currently working on a 2D platformer game that I will hopefully release to the android market before the end of the year! After I release/make a few more games, I will move on to C++ to pursue 3D game development with possibly the Unreal Engine or some other game engine.

 You don't need to know Math to program by the way. You'll only need to know basic math (ex: 1+1 = 2 . 2*2 = 4, etc)! Maybe at some point in your life you might stumble upon things that require advanced math, but you wouldn't really need to know the advanced math, you'll only need to know just how the specific code works. But for anything math-programming related, there are always formulas and answers online.
0 Yousef Al-Hadhrami · November 10, 2014
hmn, dude..
I live in Yemen, education is below minimual, just bough a computer + an internet connection and swam into the sea of online knowledge, I learned English, learned programming, and now developing websites for local hospitals and trading companies, it's not hard to watch tutorials, see what is he/she doing on the video, and follow he/she
and by time you will learn

you know its better to be a programmer in a pre-developed country, you have a wide open market to work in, every thing is still fresh, and doing simple programs & websites is fine with the client.
0 Abdullah Nauman · November 11, 2014

You know you did not have to learn java, you could have just used https://www.build.phonegap.com instead. Also what JS library did you use to make you JavaScript games. I am a looking for a good Js gamedev library. 
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