I am done with programming

+3 Batuhan Ay · October 12, 2014
I am suck at math before the high school. But i was like programming stuff. And now i trying to learn programming language again. But i failed so i am done  with programming. I need move to other stuff.  I be interested in vfx etc. Guys trust me if you live in  developed countries (such as europe, united states etc.) your math should be nice. Because education systems are different. 

I'ill look at some adobe stuff. Anyway have a nice day

Note: Sorry for my english by the way

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0 Abdullah Nauman · November 11, 2014

You know you did not have to learn java, you could have just used https://www.build.phonegap.com instead. Also what JS library did you use to make you JavaScript games. I am a looking for a good Js gamedev library. 
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