Hiii frnd..!!
here is a small suggestion about link "comment"..
whenever i click on comment, it redirects to new page..
i think if clicked, then it should hide or show the comments on the same page then it would look better as far as the page contents and their loading time are concerned!!
and i would prefer not to show the comments initially when the page loads..[instead when user clicks on comments then only two or three comments should be visible and so on... something lilke that..]

Also i would like it more if you do something like word wrapping format in comments or posts..

and 1 more thing..

that u kept resizable "Create a new post..." field..
thats good bt if i resized it then its size goes on increasing beyond the browser window,,
i would suggest that u limit the resizing upto "stream" portion only..

that would look better..!

I hope u got it,, what i wanted to tell u..

m sorry if i couldnot understood your site well and posted this new topic..