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0 Jesse Emamalie · October 10, 2014
Hey guys. Do any of you know where to get practice for Ruby after doing Bucky's tutorial?

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0 Nikola Novakovic · October 14, 2014
Would highly recommend some of the payed stuff. Treehouse or CodeSchool are places to go :) I personally tried both and kept going with codeschool, but at the end it is really a personal preference since both have their bad and good sides. 

Good thing is that you can go in and do a trial version with treehouse and go for a pro memebership to get the full package. With codeschool there is no trial but free courses. So you can go , in this case , "Try Ruby" course to see how it works. Warning: Free courses in codeschool lack some stuff as payed ones, and some courses don't even have videos ( vidoes are for certain subjects and then after it you go to challenges ) they just have text explanations. But they are good for getting the "feel" of the website. 
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