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0 Arnab Banerjee · October 10, 2014
How to earn Bitcoin online with out any kinda investments ? 
Mining up Bitcoins does not look like a great idea  !!!!!

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+1 Eugene Botma · October 10, 2014
There isn't any way of earning bitcoin without investment. It does not necessarily need monetary investment. You can try to get some from all of the faucets, but it's going to take ages to get anything worthwhile. Or, you could try to create a service that charges in bitcoin (maybe like an exchange with a small fee?). So like other currencies, there's no way (not anymore) to acquire some without investing something.

And you're right, minig isn't worth it. You'll need to spend thousands of $$$ to be able to get into the game, then it will still take months to start getting any ROI.
0 Zdenek Humpal · April 15, 2015
I have not seen any good Bitcoin investments :(. Mining Bitcoins is only profitable if you have free power like Nicola Tesla.
There are lot of gambling games and also lot scam ponzi scheme games you maybe lucky getting some profit. But it all look like gambling in my opinion.

Better invest in oil, gold or euro trading stocks. There you also can loose your money, be careful with any investment.

best regards
0 Dol Lod · April 15, 2015
We literally had this exact thread two days ago ...
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