0 Martin Rand · October 10, 2014

I have OpenBSD installed that is directly connected to the web and DHCP and all that set up 
Behind that is XP computer ... 
Both can browse by names and ping each other by IP-s
I need them to ping each other with names
I dont even know where should i start ...
How is that done ? all the videos that i find from the internet are spanish for some reason :D


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0 Susan Moss · November 12, 2014
In OpenBSD just edit the file /etc/hosts, adding a line with the IP of Windows computer and the chosen name:
(let's say the IP for Windows computer is, and the name is "windows-pc"):

(note :  this is much easier by changing from DHCP configuration to static/manual IP configuration in both machines)

echo "  windows-pc" >> /etc/hosts

so, when you want to connect to the windows computer, just use the name "windows-pc":

$ ping -c 2 windows-pc

Now, in the Windows PC, you need to add the IP and name of the OpenBSD machine in the Windows HOSTS file, whose location varies depending of the Windows version (for Windows 7 is at : "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc"...

If you need to connect from other computers in the local network, add those configurations in the other computers too.

If you need to connect by name from outside (anywhere out in Internet), this is another story, you will need DNS servers and more complicated configurations, or using online dynamic IP services like or something like that...

I hope it works for you..


Read more:

And check this excellent book:
0 Martin Rand · October 17, 2014
Here is some kind of tutorial ... But i still dont know how to read this
0 Eugene Botma · October 11, 2014
This is hard to say without your named and configs. 

I'm not extremely familiar with BSD, nor how similar/different it is compared to linux, so i'm not sure of how much use this will be.

Here's videos describing how to set up DDNS and DHCP on scientific linux and ubuntu:

Scientific Linux: 

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