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+1 Robert Summers · October 10, 2014
I am creating a website but if someone views the site in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. How do I make sure the same content appears as it does for every browser?

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0 Ray LeDuc · October 12, 2014
I could have sworn that I included the link to the article, however I miss placed the link and will continue to look in the mean time here is a bit of what it was about and I hope it helps you.
0 Robert Summers · October 12, 2014
If using webkit, do I have to type 

Microsoft Office
Mozilla Foundation (Gecko-based browsers)
Opera Software
Advanced Television Standards Committee
The WAP Forum
Safari (and other WebKit-based browsers)
Konqueror browser

for each different kit in case someone uses a different browser compared to another?

Many thanks 
0 Ray LeDuc · October 10, 2014
Hey Robert there is also another possibility that if your using CSS3 styles you may still need to add extensions. here is an article about extensions. I hope this helps you out. 
0 Robert Summers · October 10, 2014
What article? 
0 Robert Summers · October 10, 2014
And thank you Ranie :)
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