Master in C++

+1 Pance Karadzov · October 10, 2014
How to become master in C++?

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0 Montaser Qasem · December 2, 2014
you can practice in these websites it's an Online Judge problems :
0 Homer Simpson · December 2, 2014
^ Silly responses. There is only one true way to become a master at C++ and the answer might surprise you. 
Step 1:
Abandon Programming
Step 2:
Learn Physics 
Step 3:
Learn Biology
Step 4:
Create a gadget that will swap your brain with Bjarne Strousoupsoupsoupsoup <- I'm almost positive thats hows it spelled.
Step 5:
Profit. You will have successfully mastered C++. I did it once, I miscalculated though and now my skin is yellow. The reactor exploded and it affected the whole town I live in. Also I didn't learn C++. =
0 kalander shihab · December 7, 2014
Practise, practise and practise. That's your only hope.
0 Horacio Accipiter · October 10, 2014
Even a lifetime of dedication would not be enough to completely master C++.

The best you can do is to become "fairly proficient".
0 ragmar thomas · December 4, 2014
too complicated answer from homer j. simpson, have you pulled out that crayon from your nostril. LOL
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