Anyone know how to make a responsive Android App?

+2 Rozaldo Martinez · October 9, 2014
Please share your tricks and stuff on how to make responsive android apps.

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+1 Rozaldo Martinez · October 10, 2014
Nope. when you develop a android app the sizes of the controls will different because of the phone resolution
0 Rozaldo Martinez · October 13, 2014
what do you mean by that?
0 ahmad federer · October 13, 2014
Did u see Android tutorials of bucky ?
0 Alex Sweps · October 13, 2014
I believe when you set the pixels of your buttons and other components if you set it to "dp" (density pixels) it adjusts to each screen size accordingly. I have made a couple of apps and tested them on a tablet and they adjusted pretty well. Some needed some minor tweaks because the layouts looked silly on a larger screen but they definitely adjusted pretty well.

Also using match parent and align to parent will probably help aswel so when the layout takes up the whole screen your buttons will follow what the main layout does.... If this makes sense....

Heres what one of my buttons looks like:

0 Albo Coder · October 14, 2014
Make sure you dont use px but dp when creating activities buttons because dp stands for density pixels which are relative to any device's screen, and one more thing... It wasnt Bucky who did those tutorials. It was a guy named Trevor, but whatever. We respect both of them and their hard work.
0 Rozaldo Martinez · October 15, 2014
Does Dp differ from phone to phone? or they have different DP's?
0 Albo Coder · October 15, 2014
dp differs from screen to screen
0 Alex Sweps · October 9, 2014
What do you mean by responsive? Arent all apps responsive?  :P
0 Daniel Sapkota · October 10, 2014
You mean something like this?
Width = Width / 0.6;
Height = Height / 0.5;
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