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0 Shreyansh Rana · October 8, 2014
Guys,  which is the best programming language according to you? 

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0 Jay Deshaun · October 8, 2014
Well, I am a newbie still, but I'm still learning programming languages.
The current programming languages I know is Lua, Java, a little of C++ and C#.

Since I am a newbie, I would obviously say Java is good.
0 Batuhan Ay · October 11, 2014
Depends.. But mostly Java, C++ etc.
+2 Colonel Panic · October 13, 2014
This is like asking what is the best tool in the toolbox.  

Depends on what you are trying to do.  

Honestly, the best one is the one that you know best, and is being heavily utilized (AND DEVELOPED).   Some extremely popular languages are dying because nobody is developing new features for it.  
0 Calvin Sienatra · October 24, 2014
Every programming languages has their own advantages and disadvantages. You cannot say that this programming language is better than the other one because programming languages is used to fill your programming needs. For example, CSS is a programming language, but can you connect it to a MySQL database? You need to use php to do that right? So basically you cannot say a programming language is better than that other programming language.
+1 Source Slayer · October 24, 2014
Sorry, CSS is not a programming language, it is a stylesheet language, and you don't need PHP to connect to a mySQL database.

By the way, to respond to the thread here, I think the poster was asking for your opinion on what the best language is. Python is my favorite, but I'm also learning C++, so probably that in the future.
0 Calvin Sienatra · October 25, 2014
Guess I'm not so good w/ theories huh..
0 Ben   · October 25, 2014
Java is very slow / resource intensive when making actual programs/games with it.

If you want something close to the core / versatile, I'd recommend C/C++. 

If you want something easy to learn, I'd recommend Python.
0 DG Wright · December 3, 2014
My favourite used to be Pascal (Borland dialect) but I'm growing very fond of Python's simplicity and flexibility nowadays.
0 Kaisar U4itel · December 3, 2014
My favourite language is Ruby. For object oriented programming it's the best. Everything is an object.
0 Homer Simpson · December 3, 2014
My favorite is INTERCAL, I love how polite it lets me be to my computer.
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