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0 Shreyansh Rana · October 8, 2014
Guys,  which is the best programming language according to you? 

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0 Homer Simpson · December 3, 2014
My favorite is INTERCAL, I love how polite it lets me be to my computer.
0 jan burg · December 4, 2014
Scripting languages like Python, shell(ksh,zsh,bash), etc. I like Python because of the syntax and it's kind of what I'm into at the moment. I like shell because you can pipe commands together and streamline a program into one line a lot of the time. These are the ones I'm best at I should mention. I respect other languages too. There isn't really a programming language I dislike.

Btw, the real best language in general is math.
0 Calvin Sienatra · October 24, 2014
Every programming languages has their own advantages and disadvantages. You cannot say that this programming language is better than the other one because programming languages is used to fill your programming needs. For example, CSS is a programming language, but can you connect it to a MySQL database? You need to use php to do that right? So basically you cannot say a programming language is better than that other programming language.
0 Developer John · December 12, 2014
Here we go with the comparing programming languages trend again -_-
-1 Colonel Panic · December 13, 2014

I especially love the posts that say .NET is a great programming language....... :ermm:

My favourite language is Ruby. For object oriented programming it's the best. Everything is an object.

Almost every programming language is object oriented.  Unless you are going back to C, FORTRAN, COBOL, PASCAL, or any assembly language, they all treat everything as an object.  Ruby does not hold a monopoly on OOP. 
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