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+1 Alekro A · October 6, 2014
Greetings everyone!
Does any of you guys know a good book to learn Java?
I have watched Buckys tutorials and  know a decent amount of C++ so i am not a total noob ^^
Many forums suggest me to read "Thinking in Java" or "effective Java".
Leave a suggeston of which book you started with and why it was good!
Thanxxx all!!!!

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0 Developer John · October 6, 2014
I mainly hate reading. My reason is because wherever I'm at, I'll always have a distraction along side me. I find information on the internet more useful and easier to understand as well. With a book, you cannot get help from people, but on the internet, you can join websites, help others, and also get help for your needs. I tried to read two books last year. Both authors couldn't give me a good glimpse on what the true meaning of Java keywords were. The books I attempted to read were Head First Java and Java For Dummies. Reading Head First Java, I could easily see why I was losing interest in programming. The book gave too many picture examples, it was almost like I was looking at Google Images. After I quit reading Head First Java, I began to wonder if Java For Dummies would suit my needs. Java For Dummies was easier to understand, but the way the man explained certain things like curly braces made me lose interest once again. I turned to the current community I was getting help from and said "I'm leaving". About half a year later, I returned. I started watching Bucky's tutorials and gained full interest in programming. I was so happy I could finally understand what someone was talking about. I would always set my own heights for making programs function (what I mean is, challenge yourself). If you're wanting to read a book, attempt some of it and see how it is for you. No matter what, never take the
pathway for you to lose interest, otherwise you will become very lost in the community.8-)
0 Alex Sweps · October 7, 2014
I found head first java excellent. The puzzles at the end of each chapter really helped me with the logic side and I found the analogies they used where really good. That book with Buckies tutorials was all I needed to become decent at java. 
0 Savad Dekrup · October 7, 2014
I recommend Head first Java, it is a great book. I think. Bucky has read that book as well. 
+2 Stanculescu Victor-Andrei · October 7, 2014
If you want a book that learn you Java from beginnin' is Beginning Java Ivor Horton Java 7 ;).

In fact if you want have a good Java practical knowledge all the box from Apress, WROX and O'Reilly are the best with a bunch of project based examples.

But I tell you something to know a programming language such Java you have to work effectively in Java.

Is the best way to learn ;)
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