Regarding running the app on mobile instead of emulator

+1 Jagdish Pandey · October 6, 2014
Can anyone tell me how to run the app on phone instead of emulator.

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0 Son Truong · October 6, 2014
It's easy to run an android app on mobile device:

Step 1: Connect your mobile device to your computer with a USB cable. If you haven't install driver for mobile device, a message will be shown to notice that you must install for your device. You can type the following search content on google like: your mobile devide + usb driver.

For example: I have Samsung galaxy S2, so I can type: Samsung galaxy S2 usb driver, then download and install driver.

Step 2: To run or debug app on mobile device, you must enable "USB debugging" feature on your phone. Follow this link to see how to enable this feature on your mobile device:

Step 3: Right click on your android project and click "Run as", select Android Application then click OK

p/s: It's very easy, isn't it :D
0 nitin jadhav · October 6, 2014
Method I :

1. Install  USB driver ( phone driver ) on your PC. 
      - Connect device  to PC using usb cable

2. While running android project  , right click on project 
         goto Run As --> Run configurations --> Target

3. In Launch on all  compatible device 
          Select Actice Device  -> Choose your device from List -> Run

Method I :
1, Run your project  using IDE on PC.
2. then goto File structure of project from File Explorer.
3. In that go to Bin folder
4. You will get   "project-name.apk "  file 
5.Transfer that file to your mobile  using Bluetooth / email / etc...
6.Install that file using File Manager of device ,
7.Open and  Done.

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