Currently easiest modeling software for game development?

+5 Nika Mchedlidze · October 5, 2014
Hey. I am interested in game dev, I tried out few modelling software like wings 3d, maya, 3d max What is easiest and preferably not very basic, and with enough tutorials to learn basic modelling, now... I don't want to make AAA type models, just basic ones, like furniture, objects, etc (I will probably make characters in separate easy to use programs, for now)

So I want to use my models for basic games or just for fun.

Hope my question is clear and not confusing lol. awaiting answers :)

Many thanks.

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+1 Otto Von Chesterfield · August 31, 2015
I recommend Blender - like many replies long before, for 3 reasons: It's powerful, it's free, and it's open source.

  1. It's powerful.  Multiple people use it due to its ability. Look at this showcase:

  2. It's free.  While 3DS Max is powerful, it costs $123 / month, over time. Blender is free  all  of the time, so you don't need to worry about costs!

  3. It's open source.  Blender releases the source code to everyone, so you can see how it works - and modify it to suit your needs. The source code is here:

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