Currently easiest modeling software for game development?

+5 Nika Mchedlidze · October 5, 2014
Hey. I am interested in game dev, I tried out few modelling software like wings 3d, maya, 3d max What is easiest and preferably not very basic, and with enough tutorials to learn basic modelling, now... I don't want to make AAA type models, just basic ones, like furniture, objects, etc (I will probably make characters in separate easy to use programs, for now)

So I want to use my models for basic games or just for fun.

Hope my question is clear and not confusing lol. awaiting answers :)

Many thanks.

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+1 Otto Von Chesterfield · August 31, 2015
I recommend Blender - like many replies long before, for 3 reasons: It's powerful, it's free, and it's open source.

  1. It's powerful.  Multiple people use it due to its ability. Look at this showcase:

  2. It's free.  While 3DS Max is powerful, it costs $123 / month, over time. Blender is free  all  of the time, so you don't need to worry about costs!

  3. It's open source.  Blender releases the source code to everyone, so you can see how it works - and modify it to suit your needs. The source code is here:

0 Sampan Verma · August 31, 2015
Blender's The Best for creating AAA type models even if you dont want. Look out for its tutorials. You can even make games in it. I know, its the easiest heavy and lightweight program you will find over the inter, but texturing in it is a bit of a problem.
0 Pragyan Borthakur · August 28, 2015
I would suggest you Bender for easy making things or if you want more basic can try google Sketchup . Note that blender is free Sketchup is payware and for advance 3d works if you are planing like game development or small movies 3ds max or C4D are the best both are also payware depends how much good model you want and to make things for. best of luck mate :)
0 Sampan Verma · May 31, 2015
Game Maker Studio : Pro
0 Sampan Verma · May 31, 2015
Game Maker Studio : Pro
0 Robert Delameter · May 31, 2015
Hello i have a quick question sorry if its irrelevant or anything but im new to this and will this work with android studio to create a android app in 3d?
+2 So Mill · January 16, 2015
There are many great softwares out there.

The most user-friendly software is probably 3ds max or Blender.

All the programs are capable of the same possibilities, some just may be more proficient in certain areas such as modeling, animating, etc...

Here are some of the pro's/cons of each of the software's.

3ds Max - Great for modeling, texturing, and lighting. Animating/rigging can be a little harder than in other programs. Program has an easy to use UI and there are tons of extra plugins/scripts and tutorials out there for this software.

Maya - Great for modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating. Less plugins/scripts and tutorials available then other software's and the user-interface is less user friendly

Blender - Great for modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating. UI is decent, many scripts/plugins available to use and there are a ton of great tutorials. Plus is free!

There are other software's such as CINEMA 4D, Modo, and Soft-image (discontinued as of 2014). All of these programs are capable of generating the same model. I think 3ds Max is easier to use than Maya but that is really just a personal preference. Maya and 3ds Max are owned by the same company Autodesk, but in 2005 Maya was owned by Alias Systems Corporation and later that years was bought by Autodesk.

Both programs are the same but Maya is more used in film due to the animation/rigging tools available but are still capably of producing the same effect/image/model. 

If I had to chose a program I would pick 3ds Max tons more tutorials available, more user friendly (I personally think).

- I've been using 3ds max for the past 6 years played around with maya and blender but always came back to 3ds max. Hope this helps a bit.
+1 Nika Mchedlidze · October 19, 2014
Calgan, thanks its actually my favorite modelling tool now, I started using it few days ago before you posted.
0 Wilson Li · October 17, 2014
try out "unity "
+5 Çağlan Turgut · October 17, 2014
I highly recommend Blender because its Free&Open Source so you won't be charged for having fun. You can even use it commercially for free. Also it's not so hard to start with and you can develop yourself up to the level that you can create best quality models. 

For Beginner tutorials:

You can visit my Bucky's Room "Blender" Page if you need ANY help.
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