Hi, i'm here to ask anyone if they can help give me some ideas for a story i'm writing as a hobby to learn some new techniques to help with my English exams in school. There are probably mistakes in this post and if you find one point it out so I can fix them.

When quickly thinking about a subject to write on, I got caught up with an idea on a criminal group trying use their bad to create good. I first though of someone or a group trying to create a better society while watching videos to do with "The Venus Project - A Project for creating a better world" but of course there isn't much excitement in a story where the characters have no troubles, dilemmas or any sort issues.

What you could help me with:

1) A starting point, and middle and and ending point for and idea of your own or based on the idea I gave. I kind of like the idea of writing about a conspiracy or creating a conspiracy that the characters make or have to reveal.

2) Anything that could go well or go wrong during the plot.

3) Anything else even if it is just a quick idea you think of, anything will help since if enough people post I can link ideas together

Thanks to anyone who helps.

After writing this post I came up with some other situations but im unsure how to use them.

The group are hackers who hack into banks and use some kind of bot network to take money, move it round to different countries and make it untraceable. It could be used to get the money to start their work but it feels like an easy option that they have a small chance of getting caught which is good for them but wouldn't make much of a good story.