how to save C Project into .exe file

0 Brian Henric · October 4, 2014
hi guys,
i'm kinda new in C programming.
i just wondering how to save C project into an .exe file ??

i just finish my first project but dont know how to execute it :(
so please help me guys

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0 first last · October 4, 2014
watch this video  

it assumes you are using codeblocks  

skip ahead to 4:43  

the purpose of a compiler is to take the commands that you typed and turn them into commands that the computer can understand (machine language, one and zeros) 
0 Brian Henric · October 5, 2014
thank you,
but what i mean is how to save it to an .EXE file so that it can be uploaded and downloaded by other computer??

if i click build and run its just to run the program, but i want to know how to save to .exe file.

lets put it this way,
if we're developing an android app in eclipse, in order to be use by an android phone we have to save it to .APK file by Export.

in this case i want to save a C project into .exe file
i hope you understand what i mean :)
0 Franz Schmidt · October 5, 2014
I don't know how codeblocks handls this, but in visual studio it automatical creats a .exe file somewhere in your projectfolder when you compile the code.
0 Brian Henric · October 6, 2014
actually i did it,
yeah it work just like visual studio, thank guys
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